We rely on the generous support of individuals and groups within the community to allow us to provide services, education and support for people living with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders so they can lead an active, fulfilling life. There are many ways you can help.

All funds raised through donations and fund-raising activities are helpful for us to provide programs and services such as workshops, family camps, peer support groups, information and education resources and research projects. We rely on the fund raised money received from people like you within our community.

We receive state government funding and occasional corporate sponsorship to cover our operational expenses and we seek grants from philanthropic trusts for specific projects like our workshops and education materials. However, many of our direct services to people with bleeding disorders – the ones that truly make an impact on the day to day lives of people with haemophilia – are funded through the generosity of individuals in our community. Individuals just like you.

Your support is urgently needed. Please call us today with your fund-raising ideas or for information on how you can fund raise.

For more information on fund-raising please contact the HFQ office by calling Lauren on: 0419 706 056 or email at: [email protected]