Extended Half Life Funding announced

Posted: Wednesday, 1 July 2020
The National Blood Authority (NBA) announced funding for extended half life clotting factor products yesterday. This means that there is funded access to extended half life factor VIII for all people with haemophilia A and an extended half life factor IX for all people with haemophilia B where they and their treating doctor at the Queensland Haemophilia Centre consider it for their treatment. There may be some delays to access EHL's here in Queensland becuse of Covid-19, so those who have been waiting for this development should talk to their doctor at the QHC. 

This announcement has been long anticipated but does not include a decision about government funding for Hemlibra (emicizumab) which is registered in Australia for the treatment of people with severe and moderate haemophilia A with and without inhibitors. HFQ will continue to work with HFA  to advocate for Hemlibra to be funded as well as the products on this list for our community. To review the NBA document go to their website   

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