Port Support - Volunteers Needed

Posted: Friday, 16 June 2017

Are you good with children? Do you have an hour to spare once or twice a week or even on a one-off basis? Would you like to help a family affected by bleeding disorders?

If this is you then Haemophilia Foundation Queensland would like to hear from you.

Not all children living with haemophilia have two parents or caregivers. Even when there are two caregivers, they can't always be available to help in the life-saving, two-person job of infusing factor for their child though his port.

The port is a small medical appliance that is installed beneath the skin, usually in the upper chest. Under the skin, the port has a wall through which the protein (called factor) can be injected, usually with less discomfort for the toddler, than a more typical "butterfly or needle stick".

Our children need factor infused approximately every 2 days, and depending on the child and their blood disorder it can be more frequent. Parents are taught how to do this, but some parents (from time to time) need a hand in holding their child, while they do the infusion.

Please call the HFQ office on (07) 3017 1778 or email us at info@hfq.org.au if you would like to help a child with haemophilia in this practical way. Volunteers will be matched to patients based on their location and availability.



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