Queensland Haemophilia Centre COVID-19 Information

Posted: Friday, 27 March 2020
Dr Jane Mason has distributed an update from the Queensland Haemophilia Centre at RBWH. The information is relevant and applicable to the Queensland Haemophilia Centre at QCH as well. For a copy of Dr Masons update please click here.

The QHC staff stress that it is imperative that you adhere to your prescribed treatment regimen and don’t miss any doses because preventing serious bleeds that may require hospital interaction/ inpatient stay is of upmost importance in the current climate. Treating injuries early is also key to avoid a more significant bleed that may have serious consequences.

There is no interruption to factor supply or home delivery services for those on regular treatment so there is no need to stockpile factor.

Older individuals and vulnerable (eg compromised immune system or existing respiratory conditions) in the community in particular should be minimising any trips outside the house to fresh air and obtaining necessities (eg groceries) only. Please talk to HFQ if you need help to minimise trips outside the home.

Loretta Riley (The RBWH Haemophilia Centre Social Worker) is running a virtual group for all members of the inherited bleeding disorder community called COVID Calm which will be run at least weekly, starting on Friday 17th April at 11am. This group is an opportunity to remain connected, share ideas and strategies to help all of us during this time. For more information click here. Please contact Loretta (via 0428756 071 or [email protected]) to register your interest and to get instructions on connecting to this group.
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