Youth Mentors

our youth mentors support boys with haemophilia

In 2013 HFQ started a youth mentor program to provide another level of support for boys affected with haemophilia. Four young men in our community have undertaken a professional youth mentoring training program and are available to support any child with haemophilia or other bleeding disorder.  For boys struggling with treatment or other haemophilia-related issues, having a young mentor outside of the medical community to chat with can make a real difference.

Our youth mentors are located across Queensland.  Adam and James are based in Brisbane, Ian is based in Townsville, and Trace is in Cairns.  Should you or your son need support, feel free to contact Adam, James, Ian or Trace via phone, text or email on the numbers listed below.  Moana at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital can also help with putting you in touch.

Adam Lish
Youth Mentor – Brisbane
Hi my name is Adam, I’ve been a part of the HFQ community for as long as I can remember. I enjoy sitting on the Board and being involved with Haemophilia Foundation Queensland.
[email protected]

James Rogers
Youth Mentor – Brisbane
My name is James and I'm a Youth Mentor with the HFQ. I am a down to earth guy who loves doing “the impossible”; things they said boys with bleeding disorders “will never do”! Of course I have had a few rough knocks along the way but that is life. I love anything sports related but my real passion is my car. I am always available to have a chat.
[email protected]

Ian Zaro
Youth Mentor – Townsville
Hi, My name is Ian Zaro. I was born with Severe Haemophilia A. I am studying at James Cook University.
[email protected]

Trace MacKellar
Youth Mentor – Cairns
Hi, my name is Trace MacKellar and I have severe Haemophilia A. I currently study at Innisfail State College and go to TAFE every Wednesday. During my spare time I enjoy training at the gym and hanging with my mates. I am lucky enough to not have suffered any major injuries and I plan to keep it that way. I also enjoy participating in the Haemophilia camps. It is a good way to catch up with old mates and meet new ones.