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Local resources & publications

HFQ maintains a small library of books and resources related to inherited bleeding disorders and these cover topics such as: von willebrand disorder, haemophilia, pain relief, diet, exercise, blood borne viruses, alternative therapies and children’s books.. We also receive newsletters and magazines from allied foundations as well as subscribing to Haemophilia, the official journal of the World Federation of Haemophilia (published by Wiley-Blackwell).

At HFQ we are dedicated to the sharing and exchange of information and education materials on inherited bleeding disorders among our members so we will continue to access and share local and overseas literature on behalf of members so all our books, magazines and audio-visual material are available for loan to members.

HFQ also stocks the full range of published resources by Haemophilia Foundation Australia such as the information kit for newly diagnosed families, as well as general information booklets for parents. A full range of publications are available for download through the publication tabs on this site or from Haemophilia Foundation Australia’s website at We will also get in materials at the request of members if they are deemed suitable by the HFQ board.

Currently HFQ is working on Queensland versions of the school information resources developed and published by HFV which consist of a general information pack on bleeding disorders; and a teacher’s information resource on either haemophilia or mild von Willerbrand disorder. If you’d like to view HFV’s resources you can downlaod them here: Haemophiliavon Willebrand disorder

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