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Carers Group

Many people have a carer role for a person with a bleeding disorder. It could be they have a partner with a bleeding disorder or have a parent, or a child with a bleeding disorder where they have a significant role looking after or careing for that person. While there are services and support for people in Queensland who have that care role, some care roles do not always meet the criteria for government assistance.

At HFQ we recognise that your role as a carer is vital to the ongoing health and wellbeing of the person with the bleeding disorder and we run an irregular Carers Group that offers a bit of pampering, combined with tips and tricks to help you look after yourself and also help the person with the bleeding disorder. This group is funded so that the person you care for has alternative care during your absence. It is designed to enable you to come out for the day and know that your charge is also being looked after.

If you live in a regional area and feel this group would be of benefit to you, please talk to us or the psychosocial team at QHC as they need to assess your situation before we can authorise any funds to help you get to Brisbane for this meeting. If there is enough people in one location we’ll also help, advise and resource you to hold a local carers meeting so please contact the office to find out more.

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