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You should have been given specific information related to you or your child’s haemophilia and the warning signs of a more serious condition.

Your health care team considers those symptoms a sign of an emergency and you should take immediate action.

Please contact the RBWH or QCH Haemophilia team for advice or present to your nearest hospital emergency department. If you or your child is very unwell call for an ambulance on 000.

Some of the symptoms that may indicate a serious condition include;
   • Bleeding into a joint or muscle; swollen, warm or very painful joint/muscle.
   • Any head injury including a change in level of consciousness.
   • Nose bleed not stopping after 20 minutes after applying constant pressure.
   • Shivering/ unwell / feels cold after accessing the port-a-cath, including pale with no energy or rigors (shivers and
   • If your child has a port-a-cath and has any fever greater than38 deg.
   • Difficulty breathing
   • If you are not sure if the bleed is serious or not and/or if the bleed is not resolving after two doses of factor.

REMEMBER: You can be seen by a doctor in the Emergency department. The Emergency team will contact the haematology consultant on call to discuss you or your child’s condition.


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